6 Reasons Why Pure DiscovR Is A Different Kind Of Smart Speaker

A design of discovery: The story of Pure DiscovR

After a host of amazing reviews from the likes of TechRadar and Tech Advisor, we’ve decided to let you behind the scenes at Pure as we lift the lid on the innovative design of our first smart speaker, DiscovR. Dave Newton, Global Concept Manager, details the story behind the design process.

The Pure DiscovR® is an intuitive smart speaker that combines cutting-edge voice technology and connectivity with music discovery and enhanced privacy.  As we embarked on the design process we recognized that there was a real opportunity to enter the market with a product that gives the consumer everything they currently expect from a smart speaker and more.

Leveraging our digital radio and audio heritage, we challenged ourselves to design a smart speaker that focused on high-quality sound performance, discovery and accessibility, whilst respecting the growing concerns around privacy.

Prototype - Designing Pure DiscovR®

Our process

From ideation to manufacturing, juggling the technology with performance was not without its challenges, but anything without challenge isn’t worth doing.  From focus groups and range concept review meetings to rapid prototypes and multiple factory visits, this project required intense material testing and R&D. It is always exciting to work on a design that pushes boundaries to seek out real innovation. DiscovR was one of those projects. 

Our objective was to find a design that differentiated us from the competition, and we worked on a variety of ideas until we found a concept that everybody loved and did exactly that.

The result: a product that is incredibly efficient in size and function, and realises design elements that have multiple functions associated with them

X-SPAN™ design

Developed from a concept originally demonstrated with the aid of a Balvenie Whiskey bottle tube, the X-SPAN™ design creates an element of curiosity and discovery. When the speaker is closed, the modern and unobtrusive design would not look out of place on your coffee table, bookcase or even kitchen counter.

This design is an integral part of the whole product’s design ethos and has allowed us to build in many different layers of functionality into the speaker. Opening the speaker allows you to explore these many layers – a true embodiment of discovery in the DiscovR.

Mic Drop

When the DiscovR speaker is pushed down, the X-SPAN™ mechanism cuts off the microphone by physically disconnecting it from the system. This gives absolute peace of mind knowing that the microphones are off.

Audio chamber

The expansive nature of X-SPAN™ also creates a larger audio chamber while still retaining a small, discreet and portable design. As the downward firing subwoofer is raised, the chamber provides increased bass extension that fills the room with great quality sound from every angle.

Prototype number two - Pure DiscovR® Design

Physical experience

Quick Corners

While voice control is very convenient, quick corners allow convenient and practical access to your favourite radio station or regular Alexa utterances at the touch of a button. For example, a complicated Alexa action associated with smart home features can be assigned to a quick corner – such as a nighttime routine to dim lights and put on a soothing playlist.

Music Discovery

At the heart of this product is the ability to discover new music.  With a simple and gentle touch of the Music Discovery button you can quickly add songs that you hear on the radio to an automated Spotify playlist for listening back later.


The Pure DiscovR is a very personal product – its portability means that it becomes a truly personal assistant. Rather than being tethered to the mains, this smart speaker can go anywhere with you thanks to its built-in battery– even the garden if your WiFi extends that far.

However, if you’re in a space without WiFi, you can still enjoy great sounding audio quality through the Bluetooth and Aux In connectivity.

Pure DiscovR - Portable Smart Speaker with Alexa Built-In