The best internet radio stations

The best internet radio stations

Do a little digging and you’ll quickly discover that the internet is home to thousands of online radio stations. But with so many eclectic and niche stations vying for your listening time, it’s difficult to know where to start. To help you navigate the web’s plentiful radio riches, we’ve compiled a list of our favourite internet stations – all guaranteed to serve as a platform of discovery, no matter your tastes.  

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Soho Radio

Soho Radio

Broadcasting straight from the heart of London, Soho Radio is a station that perfectly reflects the area’s diverse and vibrant street culture. Since its beginnings in May 2014, the station has become a melting pot of high-brow music and chat, courtesy of ‘musicians, artists, film makers, chefs, poets and the generally curious’ from all over the world. With its no ads or playlists policy, presenters are granted complete artistic freedom – bringing listeners tunes ranging from psych to Japanese grime.

ROK Radio

Radio doesn’t just have to be about music, you know. ROK is an online, not-for-profit network that brings listeners the very best shows from a golden age of radio comedy and drama. Spanning over a whopping ten stations, ROK aims to enlighten a new generation with a host of vintage US and UK such as Dad’s Army, Yes Minister and so much more.

Kool 97 FM

Located in the tropical climes of Kingston, Jamaica, this delightful radio station offers the sort of sun-soaked, reggae-heavy playlist that will make you want to book a one-way flight to the Caribbean. Beyond icons like Jimmy Cliff and Bob Marley, Kool 97 also gives exposure to a vanguard of reggae and dancehall revivalists, including Chronixx and Popcaan.

Eurovision Song Contest Radio

If you find yourself circling this music competition every year on the calendar without fail, then we have some very exciting news. That’s right, you can relive Eurovision every single day thanks to the contest’s official radio station! Expect cheesy choruses and unintelligible lyrics courtesy of entrants past and present from the campest of music contests.

Reprezent Radio

Reprezent 107.3FM & DAB

A station with its focus staunchly facing the future. Reprezent, based in the capital, is staffed entirely by under-25s and puts a spotlight on championing youth culture. With a track record for nurturing young, unsigned talent, the station has already helped unearth a wave of breakthrough artists like Stormzy and Jorja Smith. Using its remit to provide a platform for young people in London, presenters also discuss social issues that affect them in the hope of challenging youth stereotypes.

Ambient Sleeping Pill

The ideal internet station for people with a tendency to toss and turn through the night, desperate for some quality shut-eye. This station’s curated playlist of soothing, ambient music – all within an ad-free environment – is designed to aid sleep, relaxation and meditation. As an added bonus, users who visit the station’s website after 11pm will be greeted with a reddish black page to protect tired eyes!

Beatles Radio

Let’s face it, who doesn’t like The Beatles? But for those whose fandom for the Fab Four is at fever pitch, this is the station for you! Via this internet station from San Francisco, listeners can gorge on the band’s mammoth back catalogue, as well as post-break-up solo hits, covers and artists that helped influence the Liverpudlian phenomenon.


Like BBC Radio 6 Music’s cooler French relative, this Parisien station plays an awesome blend of leftfield and alternative music from across the globe. With true Gallic flair, FIP effortlessly segues Marvin Gaye into Metallica and everything in between. If music discovery is your thing, then this commercial-free radio gem is just the ticket.  


Dublab Is Internet Radio Like You've Never Heard Before | Crate Diggers | Fuse

Hailing from Los Angeles, this community-powered radio station has dedicated itself to the growth of music, arts and culture since 1999. Adding an experimental spin on traditional music, resident DJs are given total freedom to sample and interpose tracks from a breadth of contrasting musical styles. What results is a bizarre, but wholly rewarding, listening experience.


In 1994, this college radio station in North Carolina became the first in the world to stream its on-air signal live over the internet. Going strong to this day, WXYC continues to throw down a smörgåsbord of eclectic genres – covering everything from EDM, to death metal and beyond.