We rethought our Evoke radio range into a series of music systems

We rethought our Evoke radio range into a series of music systems

Evoke Spot, Play and Home

We’re unveiling a new range of beautifully designed music systems, which fit perfectly into any home, offering a diverse choice of DAB+, Internet radio, Bluetooth and CD. The new Evoke Spot, Evoke Play and Evoke Home will take your listening experience to the next level, with contemporary designs that subtly stand out and fill each space with high quality sound.

Available from the Pure webstore, the Evoke Spot, Evoke Play and Evoke Home come in two stylish colour choices: Coffee Black & Cotton White.

Evoke Spot

The range’s entry level model, Evoke Spot, brings endless hours of fun and enjoyment without needing to leave the house. Tune into all your favourite radio stations through DAB+/FM and listen to all your favourite songs through Spotify Connect.

For anyone looking for a compact but stylish radio that subtly stands out, the Evoke Spot offers great value for money and fits right into the home, no matter how small the space. The Evoke Spot also boasts a 2.4-inch foldaway colour display with 4 preset buttons and Bluetooth control on device.

Buy Evoke Spot for £179.99 | € 199,99

Evoke Spot for the kitchen by PURE - available at pure.com - © Foto Gretter
Buy Evoke Spot by PURE at pure.com - © Foto Gretter

Evoke Play

Immerse yourself in a world of music with the Evoke Play. Access thousands of Internet radio stations from across the globe. For those wanting to listen to something a bit closer to home, tune in to some of the best national and local stations or relax to your favourite playlists with Spotify Connect.

With 40 watts of stereo sound, an optional battery pack and a handle to carry around the house, the Evoke Play is a versatile music companion for the entire family that delivers a sleek and premium design.

Buy Evoke Play for £249.99 | € 279,99

Evoke Play by PURE - purchase at pure.com at discount - © Foto Gretter
Buy PURE Evoke Play at pure.com - ©Foto Gretter

Evoke Home

Finally, experience endless listening options with the Evoke Home, which packs DAB+, Internet radio , Spotify and a CD-drive all into one place. Pure Home has got you covered with access to thousands of international Internet stations – perfect for any radio lover. The music system is controlled at your fingertips with a sleek remote.

Evoke Home is ideal for those moving into a new home or looking for a stylish alternative to dated HiFi systems. It blends seamlessly into your home and delivers stereo sound with high clarity and deep bass.

Buy Evoke Home for £399.99 | € 449,99

Evoke Home by PURE available to buy at pure.com - © Foto Gretter
Evoke Home with incredible sound to dance for - buy at pure.com © Foto Gretter