Your radio is smarter than you think – shortcuts to global internet radio stations

How smart is your radio? with Evoke and PURE

When creating a personal list of your favourite Internet radio stations and podcasts for your radio device, did you ever ask yourself how that’s possible? How are thousands of Internet radio stations managed on your device? How can you find and listen to radio from far-flung broadcasts around the globe?

As technology evolves, so does our Internet radio service provider. To give you the best possible service, we will switch our provider and offer you some insight into what Internet radio is. This comes with a plethora of new stations to listen to and some information on how your Pure C-F6 and F3 are now smarter than before.

At the end of the article, you can find additional support documents and information for your smart Evoke C-F6 and Evoke F3.

Internet radio transmits its services, as the name suggests, via the Internet. It is distributed through a wireless communication network, allowing it to cover greater distances without the need for any physical networks.

Some time ago, the only way to access an Internet radio program was by modem and subsequent computer streaming. We can still hear the dialling sound ringing in our ears, thinking about how technology has evolved – also for radio. Nowadays, Internet radio services are accessible from anywhere in the world if there is a working Internet connection.

Many DAB radio models already include Internet radio as a source, easily accessible once the device is connected to Wi-Fi. Someone in the UK could listen to a station from Japan, and anybody feeling a little homesick can tune in to their favourite radio station from home- in their native language. Internet radio also offers more diversity and programs for listeners with special interests such as gaming, gardening, cats, you name it.

Pure Radio Recommendations

If you want to dive into the unlimited world of Internet radio, all you need to do is click the source button on your Pure radio connected to your Wi-Fi and switch to the Internet radio source. This will open a lot of possibilities to search by name, genre or even country. But what has changed recently for your C-F6 and F3 radio?

Products like the Elan Connect and Elan Connect+ are already pulling their Internet radio sources from a provider called “Frontier Silicon Nuvola”. With functions like Bluetooth, DAB/DAB+, FM and Internet radio, these models belong to the generation of smart radios. But why is it called smart radio?

Because it is so smart that it combines Internet, DAB/DAB+, FM and Bluetooth in a single chip, providing a complete range of listening options from podcast to broadcast all around the world. Frontier has been a provider of SmartRadio solutions for ten years, enabling consumer audio brands like Pure to build hundreds of radios combining DAB/DAB+, FM and the Internet.

With the decision to switch the Internet radio portal of the Evoke C-F6 and Evoke F3 over to Frontier Silicon Nuvola, these products will receive the same perks as our newer models – a stable and, more importantly, bigger selection of available Internet radio and podcast sources to enjoy from the comfort of your home.

If you own an Evoke C-F6 or Evoke F3 and are curious about how the switch-over will take place and how to update your device, check out our Video for guidance here:

Pure Evoke C-F6 & Evoke F3 Flow Airable Update

To allow a clean setup of the update and the switch-over to Frontier Silicon Nuvola, you will need to perform a factory reset. After the factory reset and switch-over, you will need to save your presets and alarm settings anew. To not lose any of your favourite presets and settings collected over time, we have created a form for you to fill out with all your stored stations and settings ahead of the calendar week 37. This way, you will be able to easily recreate and reprogram your routines and setting to your newly set and smart Evoke C-F6 or Evoke F3.

Difference between “Presets” and “My Favourites”


  • A station can be stored as a preset on a preset key through long-pressing the favoured number key
  • Such a preset is “local” to the radio, meaning it won’t sync across other radios
  • A preset can be recalled by pressing the preset number you want to listen to
  • Such a preset does not require an Internet connection and can be used through different sources (DAB, FM; IR) – obviously an Internet connection is required if you intend to use Internet radio

My Favourites

  • Can only be stored on the radio through the Nuvola portal after the radio has been connected, and a portal login has been created
  • They can be synced across different radios
  • They can only be accessed through the menu of the radio “My Favourites”
  • “My Favourites” are only available for the Internet radio source