The Ultimate Pure Gift Guide

Searching for Christmas gifts

Perfect Speakers for Every Personality

As Christmas approaches, the search for the ideal presents are well under way, and what could be more joyful than gifting the magic of music? Our gift guide features our best-selling Pure devices, each selected to complement the personalities of those close to you. Our list is designed to simplify your holiday shopping experience, allowing you to discover the perfect gift effortlessly. Let’s explore the best home speakers to fill your friends and family’s homes with music.

For the Scaredy Cat – Glow

Do you know someone who dislikes darkness but loves adventure? The Woodland Glow is the perfect present. Providing amazing outdoor moments, the Woodland Glow offers a blend of sound and light, which makes this waterproof outdoor speaker a great gadget for gardening, camping, or story time.

For the Nature Lover – Woodland

For those looking to replace the sounds of the city, the Woodland is the one. Designed for the outdoors, this EISA award-winning outdoor speaker is effortless to operate, and with robust and waterproof features, it guarantees more enjoyment and less worry.

For the Retro Lover – Evoke H4

Retro is back, and the Evoke H4 pays tribute to the timeless beauty of the past. Its classic style and functionality make it an excellent present for anyone who enjoys incorporating traditional charm and vintage into their daily life.

For the Early Riser – Siesta Charge

We all know someone who’s always buried in work. As the name implies, it is a great way to set your alarms to wake up just in time for a busy schedule and help keep their devices charged, making their work life a bit more manageable.

For the Social Butterfly – Evoke Play

The Evoke Play is a versatile device perfect for individuals who love to socialise and have a good time. This portable companion effortlessly transforms any environment, whether you’re indoors or outdoors.

For the Homemaker – Evoke Home

The Evoke Home exemplifies cosy living. For those who take pride in their living spaces, the Evoke Home makes an ideal present for anybody who enjoys adding a touch of elegance and functionality to their homes.

For the Design Fanatic – Models with Cherry Wood Grill

Our cherry wood grill models cater to those who seek everyday elegance. Designed by one of the UK’s leading industrial design teams – Sam Hecht and Kim Colin, these models are ideal for anyone with a keen appreciation for life’s finer details.

For the Great Chef – Evoke Spot

The Evoke Spot provides the perfect moments for individuals who have found their groove in the kitchen. A sleek, modest device that fits neatly in any cooking space. Whether energetic music to energise their dinner prep or calming songs to accompany a slow-cooking Sunday. It’s an excellent gift for the chef in your life.

We hope this guide helps you discover the perfect device to match every personality in your life. If you have any thoughts or suggestions, we’d genuinely love to hear from you!