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Valentine's @ Pure

February 6, 2024 3 Min. Lesezeit

Celebrate Love in Harmony: Your Valentine’s Day with Pure

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, and at Pure, we believe in making your celebrations as special as the love you share. So, let’s dive into some heartwarming ideas on how you can embrace the cozy vibe of your home, while tuning into the language of love through music. Valentine’s Day: Love at Home […]

Searching for Christmas gifts

December 18, 2023 3 Min. Lesezeit

The Ultimate Pure Gift Guide

Perfect Speakers for Every Personality As Christmas approaches, the search for the ideal presents are well under way, and what could be more joyful than gifting the magic of music? Our gift guide features our best-selling Pure devices, each selected to complement the personalities of those close to you. Our list is designed to simplify […]

Everything you need to know about DAB or DAB+ radio (Digital Audio Broadcasting)

March 9, 2023 9 Min. Lesezeit

Everything you need to know about DAB or DAB+ radio (Digital Audio Broadcasting)

DAB radio and DAB+ radio: This type of digital radio plays any content without static noise and provides quality on par with that of CDs. Find out more about DAB radio!

Bluetooth - here to stay! Learn all about the function and history

March 9, 2023 9 Min. Lesezeit

Bluetooth – here to stay!

Whether you are using your smartphone, headphones, car radio, loudspeakers or Hi-Fi system - you probably won’t be using it without a certain technology that’s become ubiquitous in today’s world: Bluetooth, But do you know how it works and where it comes from? Find out!

Internet radio – free online radio?

March 7, 2023 7 Min. Lesezeit

Internet radio – free online radio?

Web radio makes it possible to listen to radio stations around the world, in premium sound quality. It comes without the static noise that used to be an inherent part of many FM stations. Learn more about internet radio and the best products to listen to!

Olympic Radio with PURE

August 5, 2021 3 Min. Lesezeit

How The Olympics Take Place on the Radio

Picking up where we left off for the EURO 2020, we are looking into the history of sportscasting for the Olympics. Another event where the heroic acts of the demigods of athleticism are narrated by the crème de la crème of sports commentators. Read more!

Just Like Dad - The Cool, Strong & Sharp Father’s Day Gift Guide

June 11, 2021 2 Min. Lesezeit

Just Like Dad – The Cool, Strong & Sharp Father’s Day Gift Guide

You're still trying to figure out what to get your Dad for this year's Father's Day? Think no more because there's a Pure radio for every Dad. And for the duration of the EURO 2020, you'll even get an Adidas Football for FREE with every purchase! Your Dad will love it!

Festival at home

May 25, 2021 4 Min. Lesezeit

Festival@Home – How to Organise Your Private Glastonbury

In this article, you find the best tips and tricks for your perfect festival at home. Read more!

#WorldRadioDay with Peter Ogley

February 12, 2021 3 Min. Lesezeit

#WorldRadioDay with Peter Ogley

In August 2020, Peter Ogley became the new CEO of Pure and has since been leading the brand through a new era of radio. Click the video in our article for a personal #WorldRadioDay message.

Rediscover football magic with StreamR Splash

July 12, 2020 3 Min. Lesezeit

Rediscover football magic with StreamR Splash

Football is and always has been an everyday thing in our society and brings together people from all walks of life. That’s why, even this year, we shouldn’t be entirely without it. After all, who doesn’t remember the “Endless Summer” 2012 or Zara Larsson and David Guetta singing of a united Europe in 2016? Tune in!

The Psychology of Sound 2020

March 10, 2020 3 Min. Lesezeit

The Psychology of Sound 2020 – Listening Habits Uncovered

To commemorate UNESCO’s World Radio Day on Thursday 13th February, we’re following up on last year’s The Psychology of Sound study – taking a deeper look into the powerful emotional connection people have with radio, while also exploring their daily listening habits. Read more!