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How smart is your radio? with Evoke and PURE

August 13, 2021 3 Min. Lesezeit

Your radio is smarter than you think – shortcuts to global internet radio stations

When creating a personal list of your favourite Internet radio stations and podcasts for your radio device, did you ever ask yourself how that's possible? We give you all the answers!

Pure Ltd. announces new CEO, Peter Ogley

August 12, 2020 < 1 Min. Lesezeit

Pure Ltd. announces new CEO, Peter Ogley

Press release | August 12, 2020. The world’s leading digital radio brand, Pure, has appointed a new CEO, Peter Ogley, formerly COO of the Consumer Division at Sennheiser, to unleash the clear growth potential of the brand. Read statement!

A design of discovery: The story of Pure DiscovR

November 7, 2019 3 Min. Lesezeit

6 Reasons Why Pure DiscovR Is A Different Kind Of Smart Speaker

The Pure DiscovR® is an intuitive smart speaker that combines cutting-edge voice technology and connectivity with music discovery and enhanced privacy. Find out how it all started!